Give a Corporate Gift They Will Love.

A meaningful, unique corporate gift that is custom made for clients or employees and branded for your company.

Fully  Customizable Gifts
Fully Customizable

Each one can be customized for the recipient

A Feel Good Gift That Lasts
A Feel Good Gift That Lasts

Plants are known to reduce stress, increase mood and purify the air

Quick Turnaround
Quick Turnaround

2-4 Weeks (Sometimes Faster)

Plantsies are a thoughtful and unique corporate gift

You can personalize each Plantsie so the person receiving it knows you truly care. A corporate gift like no other.

Unique Corporate Gifts - Potted Plant
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What’s a Plantsie?

Plantsies are Plants With PersonalityTM and have four unique features that make these not your average plants.
All of the below can be customized to match your brand.
All of the below is fully customizable.

Corporate Gifting Plant
Custom wooden name sticks

Wooden Stick
Customize every Plantsie with a name tagline or meaningful word.

Plantsie | Plants With Personality

Plant & Pot
Choose from an assortment of easy to care for houseplants and a selection of high quality ceramic pots with various colors and styles.

Custom Message Cards

Custom Card
Add a card that is front and center when opened with your custom message.

Custom Logo Pops

Logo Pop
Add your company logo into each plant. A tasteful and fun way to include your logo.

Love the idea?


Ask Us! We can help. We’ve put together thousands of Plantsies and absolutely love working with companies to create something one-of-a-kind and unique.

Plantsie Corporate Gift Ideas

A Corporate Gift You’ll Be Excited to Give.

Plantsie are memorable and ideal for all types of corporate gifting and they work especially well for green or growth initiatives.

Here are just a few creative ways companies are using Plantsies as Corporate Gifts:

Customer Gifts
Customer Gifts

A great way to say thank you to new and loyal customers.

Company Announcement
Company Announcement

Have a big announcement, milestone or environmental initiative? Incorporate all the details into the Plantsie.

Office Moves - Gifts
Office Moves

A great way to kick off a new space with new plants. Also livens up the office and adds some greenery.

Holiday Gifts
Holiday Gifts

Plantsies are ideal for holidays throughout the year including Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and Earth Day.

Event - Corporate Gifts

Plantsies are perfect table décor to the table at an event and such a nice memorable take home gift.

Holiday Gifts
Employee Gifts

Create a Plantsie with the employees name for new hires or an anniversary gift with years they’ve been with the company

Ordered a Plantsie as a corporate gift and I am so impressed with the quality of everything! It was very convenient to customize, order, and pick up locally here in Calgary. Huge fan of the packaging and design and the recipient of the gift loved it! I will definitely be making future orders. Thanks Plantsie team!
Neil W.
We ordered 14 of these plants and each of them came as healthy and cute as ever. We were able to get them within a few days and delivery was flexible with our schedule. The selection was great and working with the Plantsie team made everything so easy. Our team loves their welcome back gifts! Thanks Plantsie!
Ashley L.
LOVE the concept of Plantsie! Ordered several Plantsie's for a staff gift and the personalities matched my staff and they were very touched by the personalization of the gift! The Plantsie staff went above and beyond to accommodate my order requests and were extremely committed to my satisfaction and their high quality customer service. The presentation of the Plantsie's was AWESOME too!! Will definitely be a returning customer - several more times!
Telisa D.
WE LOVE PLANTSIE. This is a fun gift that we have been using for clients and friends. The concept is super charming, we love it! Check these guys out, every step is very user friendly and extremely functional. Awesome product and team!
Mathew M.
I was blown away by the concept/design and the service. My clients were THRILLED with their custom Plantsies; and I will continue to use them for clients moving forward;)
April D.



Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! We offer bulk discounts for orders over 25 Plantsies.

Can I add company branding to my Plantsies?

One of the great things about Plantsies is that they are fully customizable. You can choose the pot, plant, and name stick. You can also add a logo pop, as well as a custom-colored bow to match your branding for the gift box.

Can you engrave on the pots?

No at this time we are not able to engrave on the pots but can add a logo pop and custom card to showcase your brand.

Can we ship to multiple addresses?

Absolutely! We can do one bulk order and ship it to one place, or ship individual Plantsies to various addresses.

Can I add a gift message?

Yes, every Plantsie comes with a gift card, where you can use it to send one generic message or customize each one for every recipient.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba.

How do I get started?

Call us at 1-403-800-8681, or fire us an email to and we will get the ball rolling!


How long does a campaign last?

2-4 weeks. We will work with you to set up a start and end date.

In what timeframe should we distribute the orders?

Within 1-3 days, but ideally as soon as possible. Since they are living plants and require light and water we recommend distributing orders the same day as delivered or the next day.

Can I coordinate a specific delivery time?

You bet! We will work with you to choose a delivery time that works best for you.

Are there pet friendly options?

Absolutely! When placing the orders customers will be able to select if they would like a pet-friendly plant.

How are the orders packed?

Each Plantsie is carefully hand packed into a gift box and labelled with a “pet friendly” sticker if applicable.

Is there a product guarantee?

Yes! We stand by our product and we know how frustrating it can be if something arrives not as expected. If any part of your order is damaged, just let us know and we will fix it.

How big are the plants?

Each plant’s pot is 4 inches in diameter. Depending on the type of the plant, they range in height and width.

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