A Brand-New Way to Fundraise

A Brand-New Way to Fundraise

We’ve all been there. Collecting bottles, or buying raffle tickets, perogies, pizza and chocolates to show support and help our kids raise money for the activities they love. But is it just me or does this sometimes feel like a second job? Shouldn’t Fundraising be…well, a little more fun? We think so! And that’s why we are so excited to share with you a new and exciting fundraising opportunity in Calgary: Plantsies.

Fundraising becomes so much easier when you’re selling a product people love. Plantsie are awesome, they not only help people feel better mentally and physically, by boosting productivity and reducing stress, but also clean the air and absorb toxins. They are also long lasting, which means people can see the value in a houseplant vs something seasonal or perishable.

Plantsies are age and gender natural, great for anyone, at any age. Not to mention, they make great gifts. And adding the ability to gift a fundraising product can help you reach your goals that much quicker.

Plantsies are all about spreading joy and happiness, and nothing makes people smile like a really good surprise. That’s why we have incorporated the element of surprise into our Plantsie Fundraising Program. When someone orders a Plantsie through your campaign, they will receive a surprise Plantsie. It could be Rip, The Badass, Harmony The Free Spirit, or any other of our other awesome plant pals. Think of it like a little bit of childhood nostalgia with mystery bags and toys, but for adults.

All they need to choose is if they would like their Plantsie to be “pet friendly”, or not, and then have fun anticipating which they will get!

As parents, we know first-hand, the overwhelm, frustration and pressure of fundraising and we promise we’ve created this program to simplify the process and help make organizations make the most money. Our fundraising model is simple and straightforward, offering up to 30% back to you. There are no upfront costs, no messy order forms, no sorting, just a simple count and a lot of smiles. Houseplants practically sell themselves… just wait until you see what Plantsies can do!

So if you’re ready for something new, put down the tub of cookie dough and turn over a new leaf, with Plantsie. To get started on your next fundraising campaign in Calgary simply email us at hello@plantsie.com. We can’t wait to help your grow your funds. (pun intended)

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