High River Toyota Takes Going Green to Another Level

High River Toyota Takes Going Green to Another Level

If you live in Calgary or the surrounding area, we’re sure you’ve heard of High River Toyota, but what you may not know is how they’re taking “going green” to a whole new level.

As one of the many initiatives towards contributing to their mission to protect the earth, High River Toyota is now gifting a Plantsie with the sale of every new vehicle. They want to not only thank their valued customers for their business, but to also help them mark this very special and exciting milestone in their lives. They thought a Plantsie would make the perfect gift as it will be proudly displayed in their customer’s home, rather than something that might get forgotten about in a drawer or a knicknack that would collect dust on a shelf.

Their customers have been surprised, excited and overjoyed to receive Plantsies as a thank you gift. It’s something that is unique and unexpected as High River Toyota is the first dealership to gift Plantsies to their customers.

Being based in a small town, supporting local business is extremely important to them so they jumped at the opportunity to swap out the traditional overseas manufactured gifts for something local and a whole lot greener.

High River Toyota believes in the pursuit of growth that’s in harmony with nature. It’s a Toyota core value they actively follow – through the vehicles they develop and through the actions they take.

So next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle, consider High River Toyota, they are most definitely “worth the drive”. And if you do decide to purchase a new vehicle, you won’t be surprised to find a new little green plant pal riding shotgun.

Plantsie Plant
indoor plant
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