Nurturing Plantsies in the Great White North

Nurturing Plantsies in the Great White North

Calgary, Alberta, a city known for its dramatic temperature swings and dry winters, presents a unique challenge for indoor plant enthusiasts. However, with a little TLC and some clever strategies, you can turn your home into a lush, green oasis year-round. In this blog, we'll explore five essential indoor plant care tips tailored specifically to the Calgary climate.

1. Choose Resilient Plant Companions

Your Plantsie selection is crucial, as not all houseplants are cut out for Calgary's climate. Opt for resilient varieties that can withstand lower humidity and fluctuating indoor temperatures.

2. Light: The Sun's Calgary Serenade

Calgary's long winters can leave your Plantsie’s craving sunlight. To ensure their well-being, place them near south or west-facing windows where they can bask in bright, indirect light. If natural light is scarce, don't hesitate to introduce artificial grow lights to keep your green companions thriving.

3. Raise the Humidity Bar

Calgary's indoor heating during the winter can lead to dry air, which is less than ideal for most houseplants. Combat this by employing some humidity-boosting tactics:

Humidifiers: Invest in a humidifier to keep the air moist and comfortable for both you and your plants.

Pebble Trays: Set up trays filled with water and pebbles near your plants. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity around your green pals.

Plant Grouping: Grouping plants together can create a microclimate with higher humidity.

4. Water Wisely

Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes in plant care. To avoid this pitfall:

- Perform the "Finger Test": Stick your finger about an inch into the soil before watering. If it's dry, it's time for a drink.

- Use pots with drainage holes to prevent root rot and allow excess water to escape.

- Water your plants thoroughly, but avoid letting them sit in standing water.

5. Maintain a Stable Environment

Calgary's outdoor weather can be unpredictable, but your indoor plant environment doesn't have to be. Keep your plants away from drafts and heaters, as extreme temperature fluctuations can stress them out. Aim for a consistent temperature range that's suitable for your specific plant species.

Bonus Tips for Extra Fun:

- On a monthly basis, gently dust your plant's leaves and inspecting them for pests.

- Fertilize sparingly, usually every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (Spring and Summer).

- Embrace the occasional pot upgrade to give your Plantsie more space and a fresh new look.

With these specially crafted Plantsie care tips for Calgary's unique climate, you can transform your home into a flourishing indoor garden. Defying the city's challenging weather conditions, your resilient plant companions will not only thrive but also bring a touch of nature's beauty and serenity to your living space. So, embrace the joy of nurturing your Plantsies and revel in the rewards of a year-round, thriving urban oasis.

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