Plantsies: A Fresh Idea for Corporate Gifts

Plantsies: A Fresh Idea for Corporate Gifts

With so many corporate gift choices, why gift Plantsies? They can help you ensure your employees feel appreciated and recognized, reduce stress around the office, boost morale and show your clients and suppliers just how innovative, creative, and thoughtful you can be. Here are 5 ways to incorporate Plantsies into your corporate gift giving regime:

1. Welcome Back Gifts
With COVID restrictions being lifted, a lot of employees will be heading back in the office. Welcome your team back with a surprise Plantsie waiting on their desk when they arrive. Each employee can get a random Plantsie or you can personalize them for each team member with with their name on it and a special welcome back message. It’s the perfect gift to mark coming back to the office that will be on their desk for years to come.

2. Client Appreciation Gifts
Instead of the traditional business gifts that add extra pounds or don’t last why not send a gift with personality and meaning? You can completely customize your Plantsie which makes for a thoughtful, special, and creative gift. One that will truly stand out out from the traditional chocolates, wine or flowers that will be gone in less than a week.

3. Employee Birthdays or Anniversaries
What better way to celebrate a special milestone than with a surprise Plantsie delivered to them to mark the day. A great alternative to a generic card or gift certificate. Make it memorable by including a meaningful name or spread some joy and make them laugh with a hilarious nick name or inside joke. Either way, it will brighten up their office and serve as a daily reminder of just how much you appreciate them and how awesome their workplace is.

4. Thank You Gifts
Whether it’s for referrals, suppliers, or just because. Show your appreciation with a truly thoughtful and unique gift. It’s green, long lasting, and truly makes a statement.

5. New Employees
Welcome new team members with some living décor for their new desk. A little gesture to make them feel like part of the team and to mark their first day. Plantsies make the perfect addition to any desk and will grow alongside them as their time grows at your company.

We truly love creating thoughtful unique corporate gifts, client gifts and promotional gifts. If you want to know more information or looking for some creative ideas please email us at Our team will be happy to help you place your corporate gift order. We also offer discounts for bulk orders and can even create a custom personality or logo pop to fit your brand.

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