Why Plants Make the Best Gifts

Why Plants Make the Best Gifts

While people often gift bouquets of flowers, if you’re looking to give some greenery with staying power, you’re much better off going with a Plantsie. It’s a gift that will not only stand the test of time but is great for anyone, for any occasion.

So, let’s dig a little dipper (pun intended) into why houseplants should be your new go-to gift –

Plants make People Happy
Literally. Plants have been scientifically proven to decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Not to mention plants are natural air purifiers, by removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.

The Perfect Accent for Any Space
Adding a pop of green to any home or office can make a world of difference. Plants can breathe life into a space that other décor just can’t. A simple potted plant can single-handedly transform any space. And every time the recipient sees that beautiful plant they will be reminded of you and your thoughtfulness.

Plants are Eco-Friendly
The gifting industry can be extremely wasteful, with lots of packaging, and unwanted products. Gifting potted plants is one way to help reduce your carbon footprint. And it’s a gift and everyone could use and benefit from.

Houseplants Symbolize Growth & Change
Whether it’s for a new home, a milestone, or memorable occasion gifting a potted plant is a living reminder that will grow alongside the recipient for years to come. A huge contrast to cut flowers that leave behind dried up petals and a big mess.

As you can see the benefits of giving live plants are endless. Giving someone a live plant not only shows you are thinking of them, but also care about their health, happiness, and of course the environment.

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